TurboWash is an environmentally conscious waterless wash that keeps your car – and your conscience – clean. The formula contains no petroleum-based chemicals or phosphates. TurboWash is a completely biodegradable spray-and-wipe cleaner that leaves your vehicle beautifully clean and shiny without using a drop of water.






TurboWash is incredibly convenient! If you live in a city or where there are water restrictions, it will allow you to enjoy a clean, shiny vehicle without the use of a water hose or bucket. Just spray and wipe with a soft, clean Microfiber Towel.


If your vehicle is very dirty, quickly pre-rinse with water to remove heavy contamination, especially on the lower body panels. Then spray and wipe with TurboWash. This is still a water-saving method of washing compared to the hose-and-bucket method. 

One 1 oz. bottle of concentrated formula makes three 8 oz. bottles of TurboWash Waterless Car Wash which contains 1-3 complete washes, depending on the size of your vehicle.



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Increasing your Cars Gas Mileage 
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